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Yakitori Garden

Nihonbashi’s one-of-a-kind Yakitori Garden, is a unique space set outdoors among bamboo walls and classic granite countertops and floors, with polished cement tables and chairs, that creates a serene atmosphere which is ideal for relaxing with friends after a hectic day of work over a drink and a bite.

Yakitori means 'grilled' (yaki) 'fowl' (tori) in Japanese and usually refers to chicken kebabs that are made by lacing bite sized pieces of chicken meat on skewers and grilling them over charcoal, which was the original street food of Japan. Chef Dharshan Munidasa drew inspiration from his engineering background to create a charcoal yakitori grill to bring the Japanese grilling culture to Sri Lanka. To get the best flavours, the team at Nihonbashi use unfrozen chicken over charcoal and never pour fuel onto the grill, instead placing the coals on a stove to get them burning. A plethora of chicken variants (daringly serving even heart, gizzard, skin, and cartilage!), All prepared in their own special way, we offer you the simple Yakitori Menu, giving Nihonbashi an opportunity to educate customers on yet another aspect of Japanese culinary style.