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Story of Tuna

Nihonbashi, stands out as the first restaurant in the city to acquire Japan Grade tuna, selecting the best tuna directly from the docks where it is graded. This privilege is rare worldwide and sets Colombo apart as one of the few cities in the world with this opportunity. Nihonbashi takes immense pride in serving this exceptional and regal tuna to its customers. It is very seldom that restaurants will buy the whole tuna, only Nihonbashi has been doing it since 1995 over two decades.

The tuna purchased by Nihonbashi is not in the form of loin or frozen. Instead, it follows the traditional Japanese approach of procuring the whole fish, gilled and gutted. Witnessing the arrival of a whole tuna being delivered to the restaurant is truly a remarkable sight. The largest tuna ever delivered weighed a staggering 137 kilograms, leaving a lasting impression.

Every part of the tuna is utilized at Nihonbashi, in various dishes such as sushi, sashimi, or the highly sought-after Tuna Bone Sashimi, which has gained popularity among regular patrons and is only available in extremely limited quantities upon tuna delivery.